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Ethereum-based decentralized apps (DApps) has ushered in a wave of investment into new and exciting projects. Cryptocurrency savvy investors are hungry to fund the next big idea through initial coin offerings (ICOs) offered by startups with innovative DApp projects. One particular ICO that’s getting a lot of attention is Protostarr—a funding platform for rising YouTubers.

In return for funding, Starrs share a portion of channel revenue that’s distributed automatically as its earned by an Ethereum smart contract. Both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and content creators see immense value in a trustless system to fund content of a new generation of media consumers.

Adding to Protostarr’s value proposition is Y-Combinator’s request for startups. In the write up, the startup accelerator describes “Hollywood 2.0” as a landscape where new talent is discovered by users—not talent agencies. Business Insider states that the idea is something venture capitalists are begging to fund. Protostarr accelerates the discovery…