7 Factors That Could Make a Lower Salary a Better Deal

Money is often on our minds — how to get more of it so we can cover bills and have some left over to buy things we may want for ourselves and the others in our lives. That’s why when it comes to our salary, it would make sense to want as large a salary as possible.

However, the offer we receive may not always seem like the most attractive one.

It might be easy to just dismiss the job offer and move on to the next highest bidder, but a good lesson I’ve learned over the years is that, while money does solve some things, it’s not the only factor to consider when accepting a job. I’d even go as far as to say that actually taking a lower amount might just end up leading to better things for you — and a good perspective.

Here’s why:

1. Lower cost of living and better quality of life.

If the job is in a different part of the country where the cost of living is much lower, then it is a good idea to take that lower salary. You will still be able to cover all your expenses plus live comfortably and perhaps upgrade to an area of the country that offers a more relaxed environment or is known as a better place to raise children.

That’s just a trade off that makes sense and leaves you with a lot more than having to live somewhere that was not as friendly or safe — or where you might feel compelled to pay for things you probably shouldn’t.

2. Better tax rate.

Sometimes all that the extra money in your salary does is put you in a tax bracket that ends up taking a larger chunk of your income. This may leave you with not as much money in your pocket as you had first imagined, so a lower amount might be able to let you keep a few more of those pennies.

3. Better work schedule.

If that lower salary comes with the ability to telecommute and work remotely part or all of the time, then it would definitely be a good deal. That’s because you can save a considerable amount of money by working from home. For example, expenses like gas and other commuting costs like more maintenance on your vehicle, lunches, and professional clothes, can be so…