5 Ways Inbound Sales Teams Can Innovate the Customer Experience
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Every time inbound sales representatives contact a lead, they have an opportunity to significantly impact the overall customer experience, and to build the foundation of a mutually beneficial relationship between buyer and supplier.

Although the customer will form an initial first impression of the company through its branding and marketing materials, tthat first contact with an inbound sales professional is likely the first time he or she will interact personally with a representative from the organization.

And, in a world where 70 percent of B2B buying choices are based on how the customer perceives he or she is being treated, it’s crucial that inbound sales teams take ownership of the customer experience early in the relationship. Here are some tips for doing that:

Implement a customer-centric vision for your department.

Committing to delivering an outstanding customer experience throughout all phases of the sales process starts at the top. Without a customer-experience strategy, developed by the company’s sales leaders, employees across all levels of the organizational chart will find it difficult to execute a consistent vision.

Empowering your sales team members to “wow” their clients time and time again requires putting a structure in place where they both understand the importance of the initiative to the company, and feel trusted to make important decisions that will shape the experience.

The customer experience flourishes when relationships between salespeople and their prospects are strong; So, part of implementing this structure involves encouraging inbound sales reps to use all available information gathered from the marketing process; that helps them build a solid foundation with a customer.

Additionally, when sales leaders incorporate customer experience metrics into their team’s performance analysis, that move fortifies the idea that delivering on this promise is paramount for the inbound sales team.

Collaborate with marketing to better understand the customer’s journey.

It’s a fact that the customer experience has already begun in earnest before an inbound sales rep ever makes contact with a lead. Some inbound sales teams, however, may view this…